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Friday, October 07, 2005

Opening post

In the spring of 2002 my good friend Poppa and I decided to start a company. Our goal was to develop and market a product configuration application for sales people engaged in selling complex technical products. It had been about a year since the .com bubble had burst and although we were able to secure some financing and spent an incredible 18 months developing and pitching anyone who would listen, eventually we were forced to put our venture on hold and go get real jobs.

We had developed what we thought was a neat little application and made good headway in understanding a complex problem, but great marketing minds we were not.

It's been a few years since that time and our interest in the project has not waned. Earlier this summer we were both excited by the new buzz that seemed to be forming under the Web 2.0 banner. Poppa and I decided that we would both like to see our ideas and concepts realized and that we had the time and energy to devote to creating an Online Product Configurator. This time our goals are more modest. We are driven primarily by a desire to see the project realized and hopefully make available to those who can benefit from it the sum of our knowledge and experience in product configuration, software development and business process.

Eventually I hope to get some screen concept images out and invite comments to help steer this project. For now I will provide updates on the progress of the project and also discuss some specific topics related to product configuration, entrepreneurship and anything else that seems blog worthy.


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